Top 10 Nightclubs in Amsterdam

The Top 10 Nightclubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an incredibly popular tourist location. It draws people in for many different reasons. And one of these, probably the most memorable, is the nightlife. The city after dark is like a whole new world. It lights up and literally wakes up with a new type of feel.

The excitement in Amsterdam after dark is centered on one thing: Amsterdam clubs. There are many of these located all over the city and they attract a large number of both locals and tourists. The majority of the traffic is located around the establishments in two different districts: Leidesplein and Rembrandtplien. But there are so many different clubs in Amsterdam that is often overwhelming for tourists as well as locals trying to decide which one to attend. Here are the top ten most popular of these.

1. Club Air

Club Air is the Rolls Royce of Amsterdam clubs. This royalty-worthy establishment is filled to the brim with state of the art features that make your stay even more exciting. These range from high tech lighting to electronic lockers in which to store your things. And this place is massive. It can hold somewhere in the ballpark of 1,700 people at one time. The huge parties in this incredibly popular location will usually go on to close to 5 a.m.

2. Bitterzoet

Bitterzoet reigns second on this list due to the fact that it is a higher end establishment. This club is perfect for the more refined taste. Situated near central station, the establishment is easy to access and has a very low admission fee. These attribute to it gaining a lot of traffic. DJ’s, live music and shows are very common here. It tends to attract more lovers of the jazz scene than anything. If you are looking for a relaxed night, this is the place that you will want to visit.

3. Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory, located in Leidseplein, is one of the most popular locations in its area. This district is rich in culture and so is the establishment. Music, DJ’s, performances and even poetry are found here. Anything goes – as long as it’s local and live. It stays open usually until nearly 5 a.m. The admission fee is very affordable, so it’s easy to get in.

4. Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo is probably one of the most unique Amsterdam clubs. It draws people simply because of its design scheme, which is a stunning mix of traditional Chinese and modern furniture and decoration. The upstairs is a relaxed lounge area complete with an opium table. The downstairs is a gigantic dance floor that goes all night.

If you visit this interesting location, you better be on the list. Otherwise, you will be standing outside in line for a very long time. This establishment is famous for its super strict door policy. Not just anyone gets into the party. And most people don’t.

5. Escape

Escape is a gigantic club that is famous for its sheer overwhelming size. It can hold a stunning 2,000 people. Escape is often rented out, though, for very large parties. Usually flyers around Amsterdam will tell you what kind of party is happening that this location. Be prepared for a selective door policy, though. You may have to buy tickets or get on the list if you don’t want to stand outside in the air waiting all night. This club is usually open pretty late.

6. Supperclub

Supperclub is more of an experience than anything else. There are Supperclub locations all over the world. The only way to really understand what kind of experience it is visiting this place is to go there. It is a dance club, an eatery, and a theater all in one. It advertises itself as something totally unique to any place you can visit in Amsterdam and lives up to this advertisement completely. This is a place where you can experience it all how you want. It is completely up to you, and that is why it is so incredibly popular.

7. Club Home

Club Home is the most luxurious of the Amsterdam clubs. It is incredibly popular, and was when it was titled Sinner’s Club. The massive neon dance floor is a major attraction. The music is targeted toward the younger age group that tends to flock to this location. This is a very popular party establishment and can get a little crazy at times.

8. Paradiso

There is nothing wrong with Paradiso at all. It is just a great place to visit and enjoy yourself. Music and DJ’s are the usual with many dance nights that attract younger people. This is a very popular location among the locals, and attracts some tourists as well.

9. Melkweg

Similar to Paradiso, Melkweg is a very popular dance location that attracts a lot of younger people. But there is one major difference. Where Paradiso was common with the locals and local music, Melkweg has a larger variety. It plays music from all over and will usually attract young tourists more often than Paradiso.

10. Studio 80

Of course, the list has to be rounded off with a location that ends the night. And for most young people, their night ends in this rowdy little location in Rebrandtplein. It is small, and can be hot, but stays open very late. And on top of that, the live acts and DJ’s play a lot of popular music that young people love. This place is simply a party from beginning to 5 a.m.

Looking for Amsterdam clubs to visit is a very easy thing because of the incredible popularity of the nightlife in the city. They are literally everywhere, and there are very many of them. Anywhere you walk in Amsterdam, you will most likely be able to find a nightclub. And when you are in Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein, you will be able to find more than just one.

The top ten list of clubs in the city are very popular among both tourists and locals. Each of these locations is popular for its own unique features. No matter how you want to spend your night, you will find the perfect location for you.