Hotel 83 offers free, high speed wifi without a data limit. There are multiple routers througout the hotel83 so you won’t suffer connection problems. Upon arrival you will be given the network credentials free of charge ofcourse.

If you move outside the hotel, you can receive our signal up to 50 meters away or so and that is enough to have internet in the bars to the left and the right of hotel 83, but it won’t cover the center of Amsterdam, let alone the rest of the Netherlands.

Data roaming can be expensive, but there is a nice and cheap solution for that called “bliep” This is a Dutch service provider using the T-Mobile network which sells prepaid sim’s with a databundle.

You will need a simlock free mobile device and you can buy a prepaid sim. With that you can internet,phone and sms in the netherlands. Costs are 0.5 euro per day for an unlimited 386kb connection or if you need a faster connection at 3.6mbs with a 2GB datalimit per month for 1 euro a day. If you exceed the 2GB limit your scaled back to the slower connection.

The site is in Dutch only, but you can buy the sim cards at the phone house, which has shops throughout Amsterdam and the Neterlands.


The phone house webshop

Brick and mortar shops nearby
Phone House
Nieuwendijk 239, Amsterdam 1012 MH
Phone House
Kalverstraat 132, Amsterdam 1012 XD

These are in walking distance.

We are not affiliates of bliep or the phonehouse, but this is the best solution for our guests and that’s what counts for us.